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Maid of Iron  gets the job done!


Maid of Iron provides an affordable, fast and professional service for all your ironing requirements.

Maid of Iron also provide a pet sitting and dog walking service. Ideal if you are out at work all day or simply need some extra help with your pets.

So, if you simply hate ironing or just need some extra help please call Debbie Mills on 07946 497712

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Debbie Mills has a passion for excellence in all things domestic. Maid of Iron has been running for a year now and is going strength from strength.


"I just couldn't face the mountain of ironing I faced when coming back from holiday so booked Debbie in advance. Super professional service that made going back to work less of a chore." -- MM, Wrotham

"I had family due for Christmas and needed help with a top to bottom clean. Not even my mother could find fault!." -- TH, Vigo

"Just knowing that someone is checking on the dogs during the day provides the reassurance I need to not worry" DK, Leybourne

"Mrs Mills work has been such a help, dog sitting and cleaning my house each week." LP, Harvel

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Maid of Iron/Mrs Mills, Wrotham, Kent, TN15 7AA

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